It begins with rich gourmet sugar—then comes the artistry of producing the superlative taste and delicate, crunchy texture that’s unlike any other. Experience all seven T-Sugars varieties. It’s the taste of nobility since 1836. Coat of arms not required.

Belgian Cassonade Sugar

All-natural, gourmet brown sugar

The taste of royalty. Tiara optional. 
Add magic to your muffins and put the ohhh in your oatmeal. T-Sugars’ pure gourmet Cassonade Sugar has a uniquely delicate, crunchy texture and delectable taste. Its deep, rich colour sparkles with our promise: this is not your basic brown sugar.

Belgian Cassonade Syrup

All natural caramelized syrup

All hail the syrup. T-Sugars caramelized brown sugar syrup brings gourmet goodness to waffles, pancakes, ice cream and more. It’s rich and thick, with a no-spill bottle that means no sticky mess—just delectable taste in a syrup that’s simply sumptuous. Pour on pure indulgence.

Icing Sugar Mill

Finely powdered, gourmet sugar

A dusting of divine. Give your baked goods a dusting of sweet perfection: T-Sugars has been the choice of the finest confectioners since 1836. The icing on the cake? Our Sugar Mill dispenses our delectable decorative sugar with no mess, fuss or sifter!

Belgian Pearl Sugar

Gourmet baking pearl sugar

Precious pearls. No vault required.
Meet the crown jewel of choosy bakers. T-Sugars’ all-natural sugar has been the choice of world-class Belgian confectioners and sweet-toothed nobility for more than 175 years. Our Pearl Sugar lends a delectably sweet crunch to all of your baked goods. It retains its shape and texture while baking, so you can top your muffins and cakes with a sparkling crown of sugar, just like the pros.

Belgian Sugar Cubes

All-natural gourmet sugar

The sugar cube with one sweet pedigree. T-Sugars’ natural sugar cubes dissolve delicately and evenly to release their legendary flavour. Your tea, coffee or cocoa will be perfectly sweetened, sip after flavourful sip. One lump or two? The right amount of sweet perfection is entirely up to you.

Sweet Conscious Cubes (White or Cane Sugar)

The real taste and sweetness of 99.5% natural gourmet sugar

Get the skinny on gourmet sugar. Now, even calorie-conscious sweet-seekers can give their senses the royal treatment. Made from 99.5% natural gourmet sugar, and with just 6 slender calories per serving, you can enjoy the premium taste of T-Sugars without a single waistline worry. Available in both white and cane sugar varieties.