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It begins with rich gourmet sugar—then comes the artistry of producing the superlative taste and delicate, crunchy texture that’s unlike any other. Experience all ten T-Sugars varieties. It’s the taste of nobility since 1836. Coat of arms not required.

Icing Sugar Mill

A dusting of history.

Since 1836 the finest confectioners have quietly kept a few secrets to themselves, like T-Sugars Icing Sugar. But now it is at your fingertips. Just a few twists of our Icing Sugar Mill will dispense a dusting to delight the discerning.

Belgian Cassonade Syrup

Sublime syrup.

Treats like all natural Belgian Cassonade Syrup exist to be found. It’s rich and thick and simply sumptuous and will impress the palates of connoisseurs. Pour it and pour on pure indulgence.

Belgian Cassonade Sugar

A very special sparkle.

T-Sugars’ gourmet Belgian Cassonade Sugar has a deep, rich sparkle and a uniquely delicate, crunchy texture. Those in the know, know that Cassonade is as special as it looks.

Belgian Rock Sugar Brown

The secret of integrity of flavor.

Belgian Rock Sugar Brown infuses a natural sweetness to your daily drinks. In fact it is so natural that it sweetens tea without altering its integrity or taste.

Sweet Conscious Cubes (White or Cane Sugar)

The taste of 99.5% natural sugar with a fraction of the kcals.

Our Sweet Conscious Cubes are four times smaller than regular sugar cubes, but provide the very same sweetening power. So how do we do it? All we can tell you is that they’re made with 99.5% natural sugar and 0.5% sucralose, and contain 6 kcals per serving – so now even those watching their waistlines can enjoy that pure sugar taste. Available in both white and cane sugar varieties.

Lucky 4 Sugar Cubes

Keep your house guests hooked with our shaped sugar cubes.

Serve your friends these white sugar cubes in four fun shapes, and they’ll be desperate to know where you discovered them! The perfect accompaniment for coffee, cocoa, tea and cocktails, and made from 100% natural sugar. They’re the secret to any successful party.

Belgian Hard Cubes

Break apart the secret behind perfectly sweetened beverages.

Our Hard Cubes are made with very white sugar of the highest quality. What makes them even more special is that they dissolve thoroughly and evenly – so that each sip of your daily tea, coffee or cocoa is sweetened to perfection. What’s more, each cube can be easily broken into two servings, allowing you to sugar your drinks exactly to your taste.

Raw Cane Sugar Cubes

Discover the distinctive taste of pure and natural raw cane sugar.

These cubes are made from pure and natural raw cane sugar, an alternative to white sugar that lends your hot beverages a sweetness that’s exquisite, intriguing and truly unique. Also available in a Fair Trade variety.

Pearl Sugar For Baking

Pearls are a thing of beauty.

Discerning bakers choose pearls for their sweetness, satisfying crunch and jewel-like appearance. This is a secret to keep between you and the baking cognoscenti.